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Market leader in Gear & Gearboxes

Interview of Director Marketing Mr. Anuj Aggarwal in Technology Trends, March 2006 issue

Mr. Anuj Aggarwal director marketing

technology trends

technology trends

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interview of director marketing for technology trends

Interview Published in the issue

Q) What’s your specialty?
Our commitment to our customers at all cost separates us from our peers. The customer can be definitely sure that he/she will get quality and quantity as committed on time. Rare deviations are properly and timely communicated. We do not make grand promises, but, whatever promises we do make, we make sure that we meet them at all costs. Our customers trust our words and know that our products are definitely to the standards we claim. We do not ever make false claims. The specialty of Agro Engineers is that Agro Engineers is manufacturer of High Quality Worm Gear Boxes at Cost Effective prices. Our AGNEE brand Gears and Gear Boxes marketed are well known and accepted among both the Small Scale Industries and Corporate. They are currently being exported to 14 countries among the world in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia. We are focused on providing complete Gear services from Design Engineering to Product Development, to complete sales and service of Worm gear boxes, Rack and pinion, Spur, Helical, Double Helical and worm gears. Significant technical skills and machine capabilities goes into every gear we manufacture, providing Industries with qualified and reputable source for specifications, design and manufacture of variety of individual gears and complete gear assemblies. We have state of the art workshop where most of the mother machinery is imported. As we are offering range of quality products to meet customers requirement under one roof we are been accepted by market very fast considering the fact that company has been aggressive in marketing since one year only. The delivery time for the products is very tight and although we are having large range of products and sizes we are able to meet the delivery in time at ease all due to proper production planning and technical expertise available. Regular feedback is solicited from customers about the quality of the product and services of the company. The company has received ISO 9001:2000 certification for Quality management system from United Registrar of Systems, UK in February, 2003.

Q)  What’s your range of manufacture?
The company is primarily manufacturing and marketing the following items for Industrial Application:
·    Worm Gear Boxes
Center Distances from 40 mm to 400 mm
In Single or Double Stage Reductions
Ratios from 5:1 to 4900:1
·   Worm Shaft
1 Module/ 16 D.P. to 10 Module/3 D.P.
Outer Diameter from 20 mm/0.75" to 250 mm/10"
Face Widths upto 500 mm/19"
In Single or multi starts
Center Distance from 25mm/1" to 500mm/20"
·   Worm Wheel Sets
1 Module/25 D.P. to 20 Module/1.5 D.P.
Outer Diameter from 20 mm/0.75" to 2100mm/80"
Face Widths upto 800 mm/31"
In Single or multi starts
Center Distance from 25mm/1" to 500mm/20"
·   Rack and Pinions
1.0 Module/ 25 D.P. to 20 Module/1.5 D.P.
Face Widths up to 250 mm/9"
Upto 2 meters in length
·   Spur, Helical, Double Helical and Bevel Gears
1.0 Module/25 D.P. to 12 Module/3 D.P.
Outer Diameter from 25 mm/1" to 1250 mm/50"
Face Widths upto 800 mm/31"
·   Chain Sprockets
 In 1/4" Pitch to 5" Pitch, for Simplex, Duplex an Triplex, Quadruple Chains
Outer Diameter from 25mm/1" to 1800mm/71"
As per British and ANSI Standard

Q) What are the unique features of AGNEE worm gear boxes?
A) Extra Heavy Duty strength and ruggedness impart AGNEE Worm Gear Boxes the ability to perform in most testing environment like Fertilizer, Chemical, Stones and Mineral and other industries. They have proved their Mattel under most adverse conditions. A case in the point is the mining Industry in Rajasthan. In stone mining AGNEE worm gear boxes are used in wide variety of mining machines like Stone Slotters in Kota stone mining. Here the ambient temperatures are the extremist possible. In summers, strong dust storms compound the harsh environmental conditions. Water slurry is strewn everywhere, sometimes contaminating the lubrication oil. The outdoor nature of mining means that the Gear Box has to withstand all the environmental problems as well the rough handling. Here, in this environment and working condition, AGNEE worm gear boxes are numero uno choice of mining machine manufacturers and users. The unique features of AGNEE worm gear boxes is that AGNEE Gear Box have liberal ribbing for increasing heat dissipation area, streamlined sump for carrying more oil and fan of ample size which is effective in both side of rotation.

Design Standards
Wherever applicable, British as well as Indian Design standards are used. Worm shafts conform to case-hardening Alloy Steels, Worm Wheels conform to phosphorous-bronze as per BS 1400, while gear Case conforms to C.I. Grade IS 210. Gear Case is of streamlined design, rugged in construction, made of close grain Cast Iron. It is completely air tight, dust proof and capable of being installed in open without any cover. The faces and bores are accurately bored and machined to last precision to ensure perfect alignment and interchangeability.
Worm Shaft & Worm Wheels
The Worm is made of high tensile nickel chrome alloy steel, duly hardened and ground and is integral with the shaft. It is of large diameter to carry the torsional as well as the bending loads which may be induced by overhung drives. Bearing journals are accurately ground. Worm Wheels is made of chill cast phosphorous bronze and tightly fitted wit the C.I Centers. Worm Wheels teeth are generated on precision hobbing machines & high accuracy hobs.
The Worm and Worm Wheels are supported on Extra Heavy Duty Taper roller antifriction bearings of ample margin of safety to allow adequate journals as well as thrust loads.
Lubrication of Worm and worm wheels is by splash of oil from the sump. Thus, no special care is requires except for the occasional oil topping of the oil to the required level. An oil filler cum breather plug is provided along with the drain plug and level plug. Oil seals of appropriate size are provided on all input and output shafts.
Air cooling is effected by means of standard propylene or metal fans which direct air over the ribbed surface of the case. The fan is designed to operate in both the direction of rotation and is so arranged in conjunction with the ribbing of the case to allow maximum heat dissipation.
Overload rating
All the components of Gear Unit are so designed that they can withstand:
100 % overload for 15 sec.
50 % overload for 1 min.
40 % overload for 15min.
25 % overload for 1 hr.

Q) What are the innovations you have brought about in your design keeping the end user in mind?
A) The AGNEE worm gear boxes are modular and highly adaptable in design. They can be adjusted and changed for individual requirement right at the installation level with very little help from the manufacturer. However, sometimes, we do get suggestions from our clients and we incorporate them in our present line of manufacturing to improve the product’s performance and reliability. A good example is illustrated below:
Case Study:
Problem: In stone sawing machine widely installed in nearly every stone producing center in Rajasthan, AGNEE A-85 worm gear box, model adaptable with vertical downward output shaft and legs, Center distance 85 mm, ratio 30:1 or 40:1 are extensively used. These machines are used for slicing of Stone blocks into slabs. They generally perform in 24x7x365 working environment.
Machines are generally run by illiterate and everyday changing workers. Maintenance is therefore minimal. The A-85 worm gear box is installed on the vertical slide of Stone sawing cutter, connected to the lead screw which moves the saw vertically up or down.
We noticed abnormally high wear of gears in gear boxes used in this location, not only in AGNEE A-85, but, in similar gear boxes of any company installed.
Investigation: We conducted a study of nearly 38 worn out gear boxes, 2 AGNEE A-85 and rest all from other manufacturers, both corporate and unorganized brands.  These were brought to our work shop for repairs by their respective owners during 2 months of study. We noticed that 34 of them have worn out due to no-oil-running of the gear box. We visited site where these machines have been installed and running and studied it carefully. We also visited the OEM, M/s. Poddar Industries and saw the installation of these gear boxes on the location.
We realized that proper installation of the gear box was not done due to some practical problems. No maintenance and inspection during running meant that if for some reason lubrication oil leaked, it went unnoticed. This resulted in wearing of the bronze gear.
Innovation: We created a sleeve which was mounted on the downward output bearing cover of the gear box. It went inside the gear blank upto approximately 50% of the face width. When the oil seal failed, the oil level still maintained the 50% of the face of the gear. Thus, failure of the oil seal didn’t harm the gear box in any way. It kept working as usual. This drastically reduced the failure of this gear box.

Q) Could you give some idea of your design & development as well as manufacturing setup?
A) We have invested thousands of man hours to develop AGNEE worm gear boxes. All models have been developed in house using our knowledge and basic engineering skills. Computer Aided designing have been suitably used wherever required. We are proud of our manufacturing setup. Each and every machine has been carefully selected. Most of the critical machines that affect the quality directly are imported. The bodies are machined on imported boring machines. Worms are ground on Linder (German) worm grinder. Worm gears are generated on Vial and Ritschards (Switzerland) Hobbing machine.

Q) Who are your major customers?
A) Apart from many small and medium scale industries engaged in Machinery, Chemicals Manufacturing, O.E.M. ’s  and process industries, we are getting repeated orders from following Government departments and Large-scale industries from India and overseas : Pacific Shades Pty Ltd, Christopher Murphy & Company Ltd., Motokov Ltd, Diesel Quads Ltd., Amlwch, Anglesey, Model Works International Limited, Creden Mechatronic Sdn Bhd, Crown Industrial & Petroleum EST., Broderick Drive Systems Limited, Ispat Damodar, Eicher Demm Limited, Birla White Cement Limited, Nuclear Power Corporation, Anushakti, Mekater Engineering And Equipments Private Limited, Rajasthan State Electricity Board, etc. The names shown on list are selected few of the Customers. Customers are dealt directly by our dealers in there respective regions. We have country wide Dealer network to provide technical solutions and after sales service to the customer problem.

Q) Is export a thrust area for you? If so, which are the markets you cater to?
The company is regularly exporting to more than 14 countries of the world since 1999 – USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Bhutan etc. More enquiries are coming from other countries. Repeat orders from present customers have emboldened our spirits.
Our web site is our major tool for export. It comes on top for most of the terms like worm gear boxes.
In last 2 years, International market has started  recognizing India as a major destination for high quality technical products like gears. We have been working actively to meeting their needs and expectations. We have recently been selected by Center for the promotion of exports from developing countries (Govt. of Netherlands) , Netherlands for marketing assistance in Europe. We are currently implementing long terms plans to promote AGNEE brand and appoint Dealers and stockiest in Europe.

Q) What are the challenges you face today?
Our company is financially comfortable, our work team highly motivated, our suppliers trust us and our customers have high regards for us. In last few years, International community has started recognizing India as preferred supplier for sourcing good quality high technology products at competitive prices. Expectations from Indian Industrial customers have also increased. Our only challenge is to live up the expectations of the world and deliver highest quality products and services at most competitive
prices. Any slip up in this area means immediate loss of confidence from the customer. In highly competitive environment that exists today, this may mean immediate losses. However, meeting this will raise our esteem as well the status of the nation in the world, which India deserves. Fortunately, we have been able to meet the expectations of our customers by continuously upgrading our self.

Q) What are your major strengths?
The trust our customers place o n us remains our single most major strength. Nearly all our customers are repeat customers. Customer referrals form the bulk of our growth. We derive our strength to continuously invest in our capacities from them. Many of our customers are decades old. We are proud of the fact that our first customer since inception M/s. Shriram Rayons Ltd (DCM) Kota is still our customer – a patronage that has spanned to over 3 decades, our first export customer is still our customer – nearly 7 years old relation. Their feedback helped us improve our self over the years, everyday. Their encouragement and referrals over the years have helped us grow from a small time workshop engaged in maintenance job works to an enterprise engaged in manufacturing and exports. We are today recognized as manufacturers of reliable quality gears and gear boxes in India and abroad.
More recent development has been addition of new dealers. They are forming the backbone of our current growth. We have an impressive team of hard working, knowledgeable dealers who are connecting directly to OEM’s and end users in Geographically widespread India. India being the seventh largest country in the world, wide is really W I D E. Their trust and co-operation remains major fuel of growth today. We appreciate the pre and after sales support at local level which they provide to customers.
They provide us with valuable feedback which helps us in improving ourself and make us ready to face any challenge that may arise. We have a very strong dealer policy and prefer working through them, co-operating with them and strengthening them in achieving the mutually beneficial goals.
This has happened because we have been able to meet their current demands, at the same time continuously improving our offerings in term of quality and prices. Our strong and dedicated team made this enormous feet possible. Over the years we have enjoyed good relations with our hard working workforce, which goes beyond the call of duty to meet the deadlines, day after day, year after year everyday. Most of our workers are experts in their area of operations and respected for their expertise and efficiency by their peers in our factories. Our worker turnover ratio is nearly NIL. Many are working with us for years, some have successfully completed their stint and peacefully retired. The company believes in equality. Every employee is considered and treated equally, right from the peon to the Director of the company. The company strongly believes in the Team work, with all the participants of the business starting from suppliers, workers and staff and the dealers. 
We have enjoyed unbroken confidence from our suppliers through many a tough times. Our oldest supplier of steel still remains our most preferred supplier. The suppliers are recognized for their contribution in the price and quality competitiveness of the enterprise. We work with them closely, provide them feedback and help them improve their supplies. This has ensured us suppliers who are now more than just suppliers, some suppliers are have now completed more than three decade of successful supplies and are more of family friends than suppliers.

Q) What are your expansion/growth plans?
For future international market expansion, as the company has some of the successfully completed international assignments and repeated orders from the same clients under its belt for the supply of gears and gear boxes, company is confident of marketing its product range and entering in new overseas market with detailed study of competitors present, product quality required, adoption of latest techniques, technology and proper follow ups. Company is planning to do the same in the European market with
the valuable assistance from the Government of Netherlands.
Our export marketing objective is to enter the industrial segment for gears and worm gear boxes in Italy and UK in the year 2006 - 2007, and generate a first year sales of at least Euro 40,000 growing by 25% each year thereafter. During the same time we would market our products in the following countries: Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Austria and Netherlands.

Q) How do you visualize the future of Agro Engineers?
In the near future we aim to be the market leaders in the field of Gears and gear boxes for industrial applications in India and among the top global players.
Agro Engineers has always focused on technical expertise. Recently, the enterprise has invested in marketing. We realize that market today and in near future will require best quality product at the most competitive prices. The competition will continue to increase. Fortunately, Agro Engineers has the advantage of strong manufacturing infrastructure, excellent rapport with the suppliers, dealers, customers and the team workers. We will continue to use these advantages to offer customers better quality products at the most competitive prices. Our experience has shown that customers refer us to other customers. We strongly believe that if we continue to do our job well, our customers will keep on helping us reach the market leadership in Gear Box Industry.
Second most interesting phenomenon we are witnessing today is the interest of International buyers in the services and products Agro Engineers. While this is certainly a good news, the expectations from global buyers is something of a challenge we will have to meet. We are investing heavily to meet their technical expectations. We have been consistently meeting their requirements. The general price competitiveness of India coupled with hard word and dedication of our team will help us attain global ambitions.
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