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Bearing Quality

Anti-Friction Bearings are Precision made. Rolling elements are hardened and inner-outer are machined to an extremely high degree  of accuracy races are machined to an extremely high degree of accuracy and finish. this high degree of precision makes anti-friction Bearings to absorb considerable forces to which they are subjected, and this very high degree of precession, makes every anti-friction Bearings very susceptible to damages through minor negligence.

There are four basic and essential factors on the which the quality of a slandered Bill & Roller Bearing depends:-
1. Quality of steel: which is alloy of high carbon chrome etc. The steel of 52100 is preferred than En31.
2. Dimensional accuracy and surface finish of raceways and rolling elements which is measured in microns and also keep the
    radial run out within the limits.
3. Careful testing and assembly of Bearings: inner races and outer races are selected as per track dimensions if the two races
    and balls are selected accordingly.
4. Proper heat treatment: there are two major methods preferred by Manufacturers.

  • Electric heat treatment process, wherein, components are thoroughly hardened.
  • Gas Carbonizing process, wherein Computers get the case Harding.

Heat treatment of the Steel Balls are carried out in two ways, known as oil quench and salt bath, depending upon the usage. All above factors play vital role in the making a Bearing Perfect. Quality control of any standard Bearing beings with the testing of raw material. Form raw material to a finished bearing, every bearing undergoes more than 150 checking's, tests and inspections on most sophisticated instruments by skilled personnel.

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