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Bevel Helical Geared Motor

Bevel Helical Geared Motor

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Planetary Gearbox

Salient Features | Standard Sizes | Technical Specification | Applications


Agnee manufactures Planetary Gearbox for various Industrial applications operated by Electric motor and Hydraulic motor. Agnee providing customers with High Quality, Cost Effective, Power saving, Planetary gear box with wide range of power transmissions.

We are manufacturer and exporter of planetary gearbox & geared motor and our gearboxes are being exported on regular basis to various developed and developing nations since long time.

So feel free to become a privileged buyer and purchase for the most competitive prices offered by us.

Planetary Gearbox consist of an Internal toothed Ring Gear to which are set 3 Planets mounted on the Planet Carrier engaging also with the Sun Gear (Pinion) and reduced output speed is taken through Planet Carrier and Ring Gear is remain stationary. Output shaft maintaining the same direction of rotation as Input.

Salient Features of Planetary Gearbox:
High Reduction Ratios, Power Saving, High Efficiency Long Life, Space-Saving Compactness, Higher Overload Capacity, Reliable and Trouble-Free Service, Greater stability, Compact and Co-Axial Sturdy, No-Self Locking Property, Load distribution among planetary gears.

Models Available:
Low Backlash Planetary Gear Box
Bevel Planetary Gear Box
Worm Planetary Gear Box

Sizes of Planetary Gearboxes Available:

1. Foot Mounted Planetary Gearbox and Flange Mounted Planetary Gearboxes both are available in following sizes:
B201, B301, B401, B501, B601, B651, B701, B801, B901, B202, B302, B402, B502, B602,
B652, B702, B802, B902, B203, B303, B403, B503, B603, B653, B703, B803, B903, B204,
B304, B404, B504, B604, B654, B704, B804, B904

B1002, B1003, B1004, B1102, B1103, B1104, B1202, B1203, B1204, B1302, B1303,
B1304, B1402, B1403, B1404, B1502, B1503, B1504

2. Bevel Planetary Gearbox (Foot Mounted/Flange Mounted) Models:
B201B, B301B, B401B, B501B, B202B, B302B, B402B, B502B, B203B, B303B, B403B, B503B,
B204B, B304B, B404B, B504B

B601B, B701B, B801B, B901B, B602B, B702B, B802B, B902B, B603B, B703B, B803B, B903B,
B604B, B704B, B804B, B904B

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Rating Chart of Planetary

Dimensional Charts
Planetary Gearbox Foot Mounted - Model B201 to B904 & B1002 to B1504 

Planetary Gearbox Flange Mounted - Model B201 to B904 & B1002 to B1504 

Bevel Planetary Gearbox Foot Mounted - Model B201B to B904B

Bevel Planetary Gearbox Flange Mounted - Model B201B to B904B

Planetary Gearbox For Agitator Application

Mini Planetary Gearbox
Mini Planetary Gearbox

Material Construction
1)  Graded Cast Iron Housing 
2)  High tensile Steel Shafts
3)  High Tensile Alloy Steel Gears 
4)  Carbon Steel Planet Carriers

 Planetary Gearbox-Input Solid Shaft, Foot Mounted
Planetary Gearbox, Input Solid Shaft Foot Mounted

Planetary Gearbox-Input Hollow Shaft, Foot type
Planetary Gearbox, Input Hollow Shaft
Foot Mounted

Planetary Gearbox (B602)
B602 Planetary Gearbox

Flange Mounted Planetary Gearbox, Input Hollow Shaft

Planetary Gearbox - Flange Mounted, Input Hollow Shaft

Planetary Gearbox-Four Stage
Four Stage Planetary Gearbox
(Side-Back View)

Manufacturer and exporter of Planetary Gearbox For Agitator Application Mounting
Agitator Mounting

Technical Specifications of Planetary Gear Boxes

Reduction Ratio

3.6 to 7000:1

Output Torque

10 Nm to 1,450,000 Nm

Input Power

0.25 HP to 300 HP (0.18 Kw to 224 Kw)

Mounting Type

Flange/ Foot

Prime Mover

Electric Motor, Hydraulic Motor

Input Speed

1440 rpm

Input Type

Male Shaft, Hollow Input

Output Type

Male Shaft, Hollow Input, Spline Shaft

Kindly furnish the following Technical Data and Information for selection of Planetary Gearbox.
2)Prime Mover (Electric motor / Hydraulic motor) :
3)Input Shaft (rpm)
4)Output Speed (rpm)
5)Reduction Ratio
6)Input Power (HP/ Kw)
7)Output Torque (kg-m or Nm)
8)Load Nature Uniform (U)/ Moderate Shock (M) / Heavy shock (H):
9)Service Duration (Hrs)
  (Daily operating hours)
10)Operating Cycle (Minutes cycle)
11)Operating Position

Applications of Planetary gearboxes:

Planetary gearbox has its application in Plastic Machinery, Goods & Personnel lifts, Machine tools, Material handling equipments, Derrick & Dockyard Cranes, Slewing Drives, Truck mounted mobile cranes etc. Dredging Equipments, Automotive, Road Making Machinery Sugar Crystallizers, Wind turbines, Medical equipment, Robotics machinery, Aviation equipment, Packaging equipment and mill drives.

Industries covered :
Planetary gearboxes are used in Steel Plants, Sugar Plants, Power industry.

Sugar Crystalliser Drive

Sugar Crystalliser DriveAGNEE manufactures easy-to-fit, shaft mounted Crystalliser drives rated up to 10.0 HP, and for output speeds 1 to 0.25 RPM to cover standard range of horizontal type sugar crystallisers 30 T to 150 T capacities and up to 350 T capacity for vertical crystallisers. Developed after an in-depth study of typical crystalliser installations, AGNEE crystalliser drive employs high efficiency spur gearing instead of conventionally used worm gearing. The overall efficiency of AGNEE crystalliser drives is better than 90% and the installed motor rating is optimally used resulting in attractive savings in power consumption.

The drive arrangement consist of electric motor a multi-stage planetary gear reducer and a single stage spur gear transmission. The electric motor is flanged-mounted to the input of the planetary gear reducer, which in turn is flange-mounted to the input of spur gear transmission. The hollow input of the spur transmission can be keyed directly on to the crystalliser shaft. The drive unit can be aligned in a convenient direction with respect to the crystalliser axis and its torque arm structure is to be bolted at the convenient place. No other additional structure, such as base frames or any couplings are required. The drive unit is completely enclosed & oil-tight. All internals including bearings are oil-lubricated, oil change is recommended only once a season.



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